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The Good Garage Scheme - Car Servicing Shrewsbury

Why should I have my car serviced?

The only legal requirement to have your vehicle serviced may be as a condition of warranty. But here are a few reasons why it is worth considering getting a regular service for your vehicle

  • Safety
    When we undertake a service on your vehicle we perform some essential checks on critical areas of your vehicle such as the brakes and suspension to ensure that they are in good condition. If you have your vehicle serviced regularly you have the reassurance that your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.
  • Save money
    By not having your vehicle serviced you may save a few pounds but this could be a false economy. By having MOTaTech regularly service your vehicle we will often spot the beginnings of a problem that could develop into something costly and expensive to fix. Take your engine oil as an example, this is often overlooked but this is vital to lubricate, cool and protect the moving parts inside your engine and without it, your engine could seize! All our services include draining the oil and replacing it with fresh oil that is specifically designed for your car. A car that is regularly serviced is less likely to suffer a breakdown - which can prove expensive and very inconvenient.
  • Longevity
    Regular servicing will almost certainly improve the lifespan of your Vehicle.
  • The UK used vehicle market is extremely competitive and buyers are expecting to get more for their money. A vehicle with a full service history is more likely to attract buyers and achieve a higher selling price.

If you have any questions about our servicing options then please call MOTaTech on 01743 461001.