Car Air Conditioning Shrewsbury 

Does Your Air con blow hot when it should be cold or cold when it should be hot? Then book an Air-Conditioning service with MOTaTech in Shrewsbury. 

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If your Air Conditioning has any of the following:

    • A Bad Smell?
    • Weak airflow?
    • Not as cold as it was?
    • Get warm after being cold?

Then your Air-Conditioning in your vehicle isn’t working as it should. Most vehicles will lose around 10% of their air-con gas every year leading to a loss of efficiency. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you have you Air Conditioning serviced around every 18 months but don’t include it as part of the service.

Air conditioning push button - Car Air Conditioning Shrewsbury

And remember your vehicle’s Air Conditioning isn’t just for keeping you cool on those long hot summer days but also keeps your windows demisted during the depths of winter. You should, therefore, run your air conditioning for 10 - 20 minutes per week to keep all those working parts well lubricated.

If you have any questions about Air-Con Servicing or Re-Gas then please call MOTaTech on 01743 461001.